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Shengang securities co - operation salon held successfully

Time : 16 June 2017

In order to strengthen the cooperation between banks and securities, explore new opportunities for cooperation between banks and securities under the new regulatory situation, and to carry out extensive and close cooperation with various banking and financial institutions in the areas of active management and non-standard investment, equity and fixed income investment, quantitative and alternative investment, stock pledge and credit financing of listed companies, the first phase of the cooperation salon between banks and securities of shengang securities was successfully held in the 16th floor conference room of the company from June 15 to 16. Fan ping, executive vice president, attended the meeting and delivered a welcoming speech. Li Li, assistant to the president, and heads of the financial industry department, equity management department, enterprise financing department, asset management business management department and brokerage business management department participated in the meeting.

Forty leaders from 28 city banks and agricultural firms attended the salon.

The meeting held in-depth exchanges on the new changes and strategies of the current bond market investment, the judgment of the current capital market situation, and the promotion of new products in Shenzhen - hong kong securities asset management. Through this exchange, inter-bank friendship was enhanced, brand image of shengang securities was promoted, bank-securities cooperation was promoted, and a good foundation was laid for seizing development opportunities in the future.

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